How do I use Instruments?

Sample library instruments come in a variety of formats, and depending on the format, they may be used in different ways.

If a product is listed as a Sample Library product then it is ready to use within any major recording program on both Macs and PC's, such as Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, GarageBand, Reaper, and more.

Some products contain various sampler formats, such as Giga, EXS, Kontakt, HALion, MachFive, Akai, Emu, and more. In order to use these instruments, you must own a copy of the respective sampler you wish to use.

If you own a different sampler that is not listed for the particular instrument you are interested in, it may still be possible to convert another sampler format to your desired destination sampler format. While We Sound Human cannot guarantee their accuracy with any specific library, many users have had success with Chicken Systems Translator orCDXtract

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