Kontakt Performance Engine Overview

Kontakt Performance Engine is our custom scripted framework for Native Instruments Kontakt. The engine allows you to use all of the advanced features of the Kontakt sampler in order to create and control the included performances and make them your own. The full version of Native Instruments Kontakt is required for all Kontakt Engines.

The Kontakt Performance Engine is organized into 3 engine types: Performance, Single and Sliced, and allows you to create your best work ­from your earliest ideas, through to your final masterpiece all within the engine.

Click on any of the links below to be taken to the complete-featured walkthrough for each engine type.

Engine Overview

We Sound Human’s Kontakt Performance Engine, is a collection of custom scripted Kontakt instruments that give you access to this magic; and then provide you with the engine to quickly and easily make the performances your own.

Performance Instruments

Quickly and easily customize and control the various playback points and create new and unique performances, that sound like no-one but you. Control all of the traditional mixer channel controls and master effects to meet your production, composing and arranging needs.

Adjust the start, playback, and endpoints of any performance, and use the saved slots and performance controls to save your customized performances and tweak to your heart's content.

Sliced Instruments

Control sound effects, sound-shaping and performance tools allowing you to control individual parameters of the performance of an instrument and create new performances quickly and easily. Use the performance and playing modes to tweak, manipulate and create unique performances that only you can create.

Overview of Library Instrument Patches

The Kontakt Performance Engine is organized into multiple engines or instrument types: 

Performance (Group), Performance (Single), Single Instruments, and Sliced Instruments.

This video demonstrates how to best make use of the various instrument patches in the libraries and the best instrument patches to use for the manner in which you wish to create.

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