What is the Difference between a Test Drive and a Deluxe Library?

Imagine for a moment....

Your friend just bought a British racing green McLaren F1 and he invites you to go for a joy ride...with YOU in the driver’s seat. 
Hell ya! Your James Bond dreams are about to come true! 

Wearing some dope sunglasses, you hop in, adjust the mirrors, and start the engine. You grip the wheel and just take it all in for a moment.

You can feel and hear the power as you rev the engine.

It’s go time.

Just as you begin to pull away, your friend says... make sure to keep it in first gear the whole time.


Talk about a total tease!

I mean, it’s still cool, but you KNOW there is so much more to experience if you could only harness ALL of that power, ALL of that speed, and even pick up a few hotties along the way ; )

It’s human nature to want more.

You must be wondering what this has to do with creating music.

Well... Michael emailed our team asking: “I’m looking at the Acoustic Pop Test Drive and wondering what the difference is between that and the Acoustic Pop Deluxe edition?”

...We think this is a great question (it's one we get often).

So, what IS the difference between a Test Drive and the Deluxe edition of our libraries? And which is right for you? 

Test Drive vs. Deluxe

Let me explain… 

The Deluxe edition of our libraries contains ALL of the instruments, sounds, kits, drums (if applicable), etc that are contained in the library. The Deluxe Edition gives you the whole ball of wax, the whole enchilada, the full monty, the works...you get the idea.

You’ve probably done your fair share of grumbling about the teeny-tinyness of some of the music libraries you’ve bought in the past - just a few short loops of synthetic and soulless samples to work with.        

No Bueno!

Our Deluxe edition libraries provide you with multiple parts, variations, and sub-styles. You’ll have the ability to work quickly and create new arrangements that don’t sound like everyone else.

Sounds good, right?

Moving onto the Test Drive...

The Test Drive edition contains 2-3 complete kits from the Deluxe Edition of the library for you to try out for only $20... hence the name: Test Drive.

Test Drives are a perfect sampling of what’s to come should you purchase the Deluxe edition.

How It Works

If you like what you hear (and we know you will), we'll send you a special code that credits your $20 test drive purchase and allows you to upgrade that bad boy to the Deluxe edition.

It's that easy!

Our Test Drive sounds are a brilliant experience in and of themselves, but when compared to the Deluxe edition, will have you begging for more.

“Had a chance to test drive Gravity and was immediately off to another world for a few hours. I was immediately working the package into new ideas and will definitely be grabbing Gravity deluxe for future projects!” - Aaron

As you can see, our Test Drives are powerful, but when you get your hands on the Deluxe edition, your ability to create grows exponentially because now you’ve got ALL the tools.

One more thing…

Each of our libraries is totally unique - no cookie-cutter sounds here.

The size of the content and number of kits in each Deluxe edition varies, but the complete Specs and Instrument details can be found on each product page...

As with all of our libraries, our Test Drives are 100% royalty-free and we offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee on all of our products so if you’re not satisfied, we’ll find you a library that does make you happy, or refund your money.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, it’s time to release all that creativity and make the music you’ve always dreamed of making.

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